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What they had to say…

We like to visit schools who have subscribed to see how they are getting on. Here, we visited St. Thomas Martyr Primary:

Year 2 really enjoy using Eco Explorer. The children are thoroughly engaged and enjoy every part of this hands-on activity.
Miss Kenny, Y2 teacher.
I really like it. It teaches you things that you didn’t know and you can find out lots of amazing facts – nature is amazing!
Evelyn, Y6.
This is a great app for Year 1! They were learning without knowing it!
Miss Deary, Y1 teacher.
It is really fun because we play lots of fun science games and we get trophies.
Alfie, Y3.
It is so fun with all the activities and learning new things on every code.
Evelyn, Y6.
I really enjoy these lessons and love doing them again. I like getting to have a competition with my friends. Me and my partner find it easy and at times difficult. I think you would really enjoy it and I wish we had a science lesson like this every day.
Anya, Y6.

Broad Oak Primary School in Swinton, Scorton Primary near Lancaster and St. Mary’s in Newton-le-Willows have been a great help in the creation of Eco-Explorer. Through numerous trials the program has been refined and redeveloped. A big thank you to the pupils and staff at these schools for their assistance and enthusiasm throughout the project.

Classes using Eco-Explorer go outside more. This is the aim and by monitoring usage in these schools we are gathering evidence to prove this is the case.

The EcoExplorer app is available free at the App Store.

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