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    3ds top screen replacement guide >> [ Download ]

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    Super quick google search for ifixit. Found a video of someone replacing a top LCD.
    Step 1 Back Cover. Hold the device in one hand and turn it over. Step 3 Battery. Step 4 Lower Case. Lift the bottom edge of the lower case off the rest of the 3DS. Step 6 Circle Pad Joystick. Use the flat end of a spudger to pry the back of the Circle Pad off the motherboard.
    28 Oct 2016 There weren’t any in-depth guides on how to replace the top screen, What do you want to know about top LCD replacement on N3DS XL ?
    Top screen Nintendo 3DS XL repair. Broken Top screen Nintendo 3DS XL ? Reparez yourself Top screen your Nintendo 3DS XL with this repair guide.
    Nintendo 3DS XL Upper LCD Display Replacement: This guide is going to help Loosen the two 4.2 mm-length screws located at the top of the back cover The
    5 Dec 2016
    3 Jan 2012
    So I bought a broken New Nintendo 3DS XL that had its top screen want to check out the iFixit teardown for a general (non-guide) overview,
    10 Jul 2016
    13 Feb 2015 If you think about it, the newest of the new Nintendo 3DS XL is basically a small laptop — one outfitted with a 3D screen, a touch screen, three

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