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  • Annelle Murray
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    1. Practice languages
    You may know a lot of English that you speak perfectly French or that German is your second language, but if you do not practice them regularly, languages are forgotten. Studying a language thoroughly while pursuing a university degree can be too much, but if you do it well, you can do both without problems.

    2. Practice some physical activity
    College students spend many hours sitting on horrible chairs while attending class or studying at home. Both sedentary lifestyle not only affects the back and muscle tone, but also lowers brain performance.

    3. Study well
    Change the old habits of reading , rereading, transcribing, reading, rereading and repeating new , more efficient study techniques that help you save time and get better results and these can help you in assignment assistance online. What is worth more than the bad known … is an absurd saying that we should eliminate from our minds as soon as possible, because when we experience new things it is when we learn more.

    4. Be more positive
    Having a more positive view of what surrounds us will help us to better face any inconvenience, to enjoy more of our day to day and have more energy to undertake any activity that we propose. And no, being positive is not something like green eyes, that you are born with them or you do not have them, but you can learn by practicing some simple guidelines that we already tell you in this other post.

    Toby Lyell
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