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    It’s been known for RuneScape gold months – a new skill on RuneScape has been released this year. Countless players have theorized, tens of thousands of threads have been made, and here I stand, writing an article about the new ability. Outdated? Ready for a new pair of pink slippers? In the most recent Q&A thread, Jagex answered a great deal of questions about the new ability. Though Jagex is notorious for their obscure and non-revealing replies, we could subtract some criteria from their answers. With these criteria, we might be able to ascertain which kind of skill it is going to be. Since no one really seems to know what the new ability is about however, this might prove useful.

    I’ve made a selection of details that seem most important. The new skill was likely to be a match on its own, but has been changed into a skill later. It’s extremely unique, unlike any other skill in RuneScape. It can’t be compared with another ability, like Summoning could be compared to Herblore. It will will introduce a completely different type of gameplay in to Runescape. It will be combined with all current skills. It’ll be used for both combat and non-combat.

    Coaching it will not be money-driven. Now, I have browsed the discussions and noticed loads of ideas, but none really fit to the details given by Jagex. As an instance, skills mentioned like Sailing, Necromancy, Bartering and so on do not really seem that unique in comparison with the existing skills. So what makes a skill unique? For that we must take a look at the current skills and see what they have in common to assess what might separate the new skill in the others.

    At first, every ability sounds different. Woodcutting is for gathering wood, firemaking is for placing the wood to usecooking is to preparing meals, et cetera. What the ability is about differs for every ability. That is quite logical. However, if you look at the training aspect, you’ll see they have one thing in common. If you would like to train an ability, the best method to train it’s through repetition. You don’t kill 1 monster to level up assault, rather you kill hundreds and maybe thousands to level up. Obviously, you could kill 1 monster of each sort, but that wouldn’t be effective, would it? The same goes for the rest of the skills. It is no longer the wits and actual life skills that matter when you are training in RuneScape. It all depends on how long you can do a certain job for. That is exactly what all existing abilities have in common and what the new ability might prevent. With my friends I discussed the fact that Jagex was becoming too excited about strategy games. A good deal of fresh FunOrb games are about approach. Some are successful, some are less powerful, but it’s a habit that Jagex has developed through recent years.

    I’m not saying that the new skill is going to be called’Strategy’ or something like that, I’m not even going to attempt to guess the new skill name. However, I really do believe there might be a idea of strategy integrated into this ability. No longer will people assert RuneScape is only a bunch of clicking and repetition! Strategy is going to have skill on its own and OSRS buy gold yet have an effect on all other abilities too!

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