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    The depression prevention programs at school are being divided into two categories: one is the universal prevention programs which is for the general overall population, while the second one is the targeted program which is more focused at the people with accurate diagnosis and has risks. The ideal location to initiate the depression prevention programs are the schools as children tend to communicate more openly there (Bernaras, Jaureguizar, and Garaigordobil, 2019). This could be implemented either by psychology teachers or by training the subject teachers as well.

    As content editor from nursing essays assistance Psychological treatments are being done at the clinics by giving therapies and medication in worst cases. Mostly, the adolescents and youngsters are being given drugs and stress-relievers in order to relax their thoughts which help them sleep peacefully too (Bernaras, Jaureguizar, and Garaigordobil, 2019).
    Depression is a disorder that must be controlled immediately so that the youngsters of the society would have a healthy mind and they could work effectively and efficiently for themselves. The number of suicides could also be controlled by preventing this disorder.

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