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    Writing an essay about you requires the service of some tips and tricks that make it easy to choose content and style. Essay writing stands out when the story teller includes some basics depending on the type of an essay being written. Cheap essays can be in the form of a memoirs, cheap essays, cover letters, or short memoirs notes. The first step should be to introduce yourself as if you are writing to a stranger. The opening part should comprise of in order on which you are, your background, your needs, your success, the challenges that you have faced, and your talents. The second step should be to narrow on your topic. The writer should brainstorm on a good idea about his or her unique value. The best topic can be chosen through finding out the words that describes one the best. The third step requires the use of few good details to give the reader unique details to hold onto. The report should consist of details that show the writer in a positive light. Finally, the writer should display humility. Writing about oneself requires listing actions through a humble language rather than bragging. The writer should choose an exciting and memorable story to tell. Schools mostly require students to write own essays which explore the theme for projects and college application. Unlike cover letters which introduce the writer, best essay writing service tell a story about the writer. Secondly, the writer should highlight a real-life theme throughout the story. A cheap essay should not jump quickly between several events but should focus on one theme which makes a major point. The third point to observe while writing an own essay is to include complex topics, rather than clichés. An essay should show how well the writer can talk the story. Fourthly, one should limit the timeline as much as possible. Sixthly, use vivid details and exact senses and images when writing an unreal own essay. At last, it is vital to use tension and connect the details to the main theme.

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