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    Then I’d change the DFS into some Dragon Defender and aim to get a Slayer Helmet. And what Amulet are you using? Additionally, in the event that OSRS gold you’ve got the time you can imbue your ring. I guess I could have time to imbue it I guess. How long could it take? P.S. All of the expensive gear mentioned previously I just got today while dicing. Lucky moment.

    Yeah a Fury works, and getting a Slayer Helmet is no problem. As for the Ring, I’m unsure how long that takes. Also great job on winning in Wars, and make sure that you stop while your ahead or you’ll lose all of it. You can do with ditching your platebody for a fighter torso, unless you discover you actually want the extra defence (which you probably do not ), and I believe torag’s platelegs provide the very best defensive stats so far as barrow’s platelegs go. Otherwise, your setup is excellent for slaying. The only upgrades you can genuinely make would be – Skillcape or Soul Wars Cape, and Rs3 gold a Chaotic Rapier. Furthermore, if you are likely to buy Fury / Bandos that I would advise getting the Fury first since it is the least expensive but additionally it provides better bonuses than bandos tassets. Fantastic luck.

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