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  • Laurel Joseph
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    Everything keeps its good and bad side as well. Technology has taken place in the modern world and resultantly increase unemployment due to its error-free and efficient work. Similarly, Masters Dissertation Help Online provides extensive knowledge to improvise your cognition in this regard.

    1. Error-free work
    Human makes a mistake, but technology can work 24/7 without making errors. It not only decreases the human labor market but replaces its importance as well. It not only eliminates human error during work but also destroys jobs for unskilled laborers.

    2. Speed of work
    A human cannot work 24/7, but technology can. Technology does not have to take rest, lunch breaks and sick leaves. This is considered as a quality and replace the human in industries.

    3. Efficiency as an obstacle
    Although technology has made by humans but can work more efficiently than them. For example, a human accountant can make a mistake or can fraud on a cash account but not a machine. The machine has a system to do work on the prescribed design.

    4. Cost factor
    If you have workers to work in the field, you have to pay those wages daily or monthly, but if you are working with machines, you have to invest one time. After that, you will just generate profit and sometimes have to bear maintenance charges.

    Joshua Pratt
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