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    Distance learning is more than a passing fad. It enables students to attend classes virtually, including “real time” communication using chat features and video conferencing.

    Colleges around the world are now scheduling more and more online classes because of the demand for online college, but also because they keep the cost of class offerings down.
    Indeed, online education is so ubiquitous now that it is easy to forget that it took years to develop. While we can take advantage of earning an entire degree without stepping foot inside the classroom, it was not always like that. Yet, online class offerings started much earlier than you might expect.

    A study compared two sections of the same course-one section was online and asynchronous; the other was face-to-face-by examining gender, age, learning preferences and styles, media familiarity, effectiveness of tasks, course effectiveness, test grades, and final grades. The two sections were taught by the same instructor and used the same instructional materials. The results revealed no significant differences in test scores, assignments, participation grades, and final grades, although the online group’s averages were slightly higher. Ninety-six percent of the online students found the course to be either as effective as or more effective to their learning than their typical

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