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  • Joseph Mayer
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    A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.

    If you are a ghostwriter and have not faced any rejection yet, are you even on the right track?
    Rejection is an essential element of development and success for most of the successful ghost writers, so, if you in your life, have not faced any failure, I doubt on your future success then. Rejection is the only element which gives you the room to improve and develop, it allows you to grow as a person/individual and as a professional.
    Rejection helps you to grow but only when you are not afraid of being rejected or when you take it as a growing element rather than imposing it as a failure for you. You need to be open to critics and rejection, or else, your career stands nowhere. Rejection is the best teacher and one has to respect it.
    What are your thoughts about rejection?

    Pandora Jones
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    People often face problems due to rejection on their careers and get lots of stress on their minds without any real reason. For handing of stress in writing this site is very good for writing of CV documents.

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