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    If Jagex had approached players about EoC we could have had dual wielding, skill things like emotes and item dropping and then an accelerated growth from there OSRS Accounts. If at all. It would have made this an even more peaceful environment. Jagex refuses players to tell them what they want. It’s like they can’t handle change unless they control it. In this scenario, the most recent research seems to be appropriate. The End of the Road.

    A lot of players are leaving the game recently and this is causing a drop in the economy. This is why you can find so many things such as rocktails sharks ore bars and armour. There are too many people playing the game, but they aren’t buying enough of these items. This is why the prices of the items mentioned have crashed. This is why a lot armor has been falling, however they’ll eventually return to their normal levels.

    For investing, I suggest that you make use of Runescape updates. This is the simplest way to start. Antifire potions to increase with the QBD or the new KBD drops. Therefore, you’ll need to buy lots of them. Planks could be required for player-owned ports. This is because players might want to train on construction.

    Bolts and arrows could be investments for the new Dungeon that is a ranged-slayer. These are only a few examples of how you can make use of these new features. After some experience, reading graphs is possible Buy RS Gold. Although it might sound simple to determine the ideal moment to purchase an item or when to sell it, it is not always straightforward.

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