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    The NBA is taking a step into the world of esports by establishing the NBA 2K League in partnership with Take-Two Interactive NBA 2K MT. Take-Two Interactive is the developer of NBA 2K. This is definitely a wise move by the NBA, as it has been projected that by 2023, approximately 351 million players around the globe would be playing esports for the sake of leisure.

    The NBA is also able to reach out to esports fans who are not in the United States by entering the arena. One study discovered that 57% of the esports viewers across the globe are from Asia Pacific, compared to 12% in North America and 16% in Europe.

    At the moment, 22 NBA teams have NBA 2K League counterparts, and the league is working hard to develop an impressive fan base made up of gamers who love video games. The NBA 2K league’s season for 2019 garnered a total of 1,411,925 watched hours with an average of 7,859 viewers.

    While the viewership of the NBA 2K League is indeed quite small, it is a great chance in becoming a household-name as ever more people are informed of its existence buy mt coins. NBA 2K is one of the most played sports video games on the market, with NBA 2K20 selling over 12 million copies.

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