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    Teachers are the undisputed guiders and leaders in the classroom. But still there are a number of misconceptions running in the education sector that are ought to be cleared by outsiders, and most importantly, learners.

    As it is most commonly stated by professionals outside the education sector, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”. It may not seem much, but the downright meaning of this that, besides delivering lectures in the classroom, a teacher does not have any other thing to do. In reality, an educator in the classroom is entitled for job responsibilities beyond anyone could think.

    Consider the example of a student looking to buy assignment from a professional academic writing service provider, besides delivering a unique and plagiarism-free content, the certified writers are also responsible to include the hands-on industry experience as a part of their job. Furthermore, thorough content revisions as an after-sales service.

    This is how educators work in the classroom and travel the extra yard needed for instilling richer learning experience.

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