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    Here are three teaching skills that research has found to be highly correlated with a teacher’s ability to improve student outcomes: creating a learning environment, delivering effective instruction and analysing and adjusting. In order to identify the best candidates in the hiring process, hiring managers need to learn how to evaluate these skills before making a hiring decision.

    1. Creating a learning environment:
    A teacher’s ability to create an effective learning environment, including cultivating a sense of mutual respect with students, is is an important indicator of success in the classroom and is something to look for in a teacher candidate. A teacher candidate should have the ability to make students feel valued in the classroom and comfortable enough to take intellectual risks, which can impact student performance and behaviour.

    2. Instruction:
    A teacher candidate’s ability to successfully deliver instruction is undoubtedly a large factor in his or her effectiveness in the classroom. Highly effective instruction requires a strong understanding of a given subject or concept in addition to the understanding of how to best deliver the lesson for that subject. In order to deliver successful instruction, an educator needs to provide differentiated learning opportunities, incorporate pedagogical practices, and check for understanding. Students should feel engaged in the lesson and have the opportunity to absorb information based on their learning style, whether it’s auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. Ongoing, formative assessments are also an important component of effective instruction because they allow the teacher to check for student learning and adjust their instruction strategy if needed. Instruction cannot be deemed effective if there is no way to check for student comprehension and formative assessments are one way to do that.

    3. Analysing and Adjusting
    Lastly, it is important to recognise a candidate’s ability to analyse and adjust their instruction and performance. Highly effective teachers proactively analyse student performance to provide insight to improve instruction and student learning. They understand the importance of using objective information like student grades and classroom work to shape their practice. Candidates should be familiar with the process of modifying a lesson to meet student needs or address performance issues. If 90 percent of students performed poorly on an assignment, it’s important that the teacher investigates why that happened and how they can modify the lesson to improve student understanding. Teachers who constantly review student data and outcomes are more likely to be successful in the classroom because they ensure that students are grasping the information.It’s important that a teacher candidate is open to change and adjustment in an effort to provide the best learning experience. There should be a sense of strategy and organisation to manage the change or new direction while keeping students engaged.

    While HR managers, principals and other staff involved in the hiring process can offer great insight into the quality of a candidate, schools need to consider factors that are proven to have an impact on student growth. At the very least, if hiring managers begin asking strategic questions about creating a learning environment, delivering effective instruction and analysing and adjusting, they are one step closer to identifying and hiring highly effective teachers and offering their students the best chance to succeed.

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