How to set up

What you will need:

  • Wi-Fi connection

  • Each iPad you are using will need the app installed.


Getting started:

Once logged in you will reach the dashboard. From here you will see a list of tabs ‘Classes’, ‘Lessons’, ‘Tasks’ and ‘Teachers’.

As each child will have their own log in (so their scores are saved, they get
differentiated tasks etc) they need their names on the system.

Screenshot (21)x


  1. From the ‘Classes’ page, type your class name in the ‘Add new class’ box and
    click ‘Add’.
  2. You should get a ‘success – class created’ message.
  3. Click to edit your class and you will be given the option to add pupils by
    typing them manually (their password and username is automatically generated *).

There is also the option to upload your whole class from a file. This has to be
a .txt or .csv file. So, if you have a class list on notepad or excel, ensure that you save it as such with the child’s full name, one pupil per line.

*You will also note that each new pupil is assigned a QR code, this can be
printed, kept in their tray and used as their log in. Much easier than
remembering a password and username!

(Should you need to you can bring the child’s code up on your iPad screen and they can scan and log in from that.)


‘Teachers’ – Here you can add other teachers and give them a password so they
can set up and manage their own class.


‘Tasks’ – Here you can print the 10 key codes to place around your grounds. You can also view and try out the tasks the children will be doing. If you need to print from a computer go to

Now your class is on the system, the children have their log ins and you have printed and placed the 10 key codes where you want them, you are ready to start your lesson!

This last bit is important:

Click ‘Lessons’ before you go out and ensure you have selected which class you are taking. Remember to choose your current topic from the list as this ‘changes’ the 10 codes around the grounds to link to tasks about that topic.

qr image


You are ready to go! Let the children log in using their personal code and have fun exploring!



Remember, if you take your iPad out with you, you can check how they are doing or even change topics mid lesson.

Handy hints:

  • Children who have forgotten/can’t find their personal log in code can scan in using your screen if you bring their details up.
  • If you wanted to take a screenshot of a child’s completed task it has the objective and their name on for easy assessment use.

The EcoExplorer app is available free at the App Store.

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