What can I do with Eco Explorer?

Eco Explorer is a venture created by primary science consultant Steven Lewis-Neill. Steven’s many years of primary school teaching experience and a passion for Ecology and the environment formed the basis of this project.

The increased uptake in mobile devices combined with a new focus on ‘the outdoor classroom‘, ‘Eco-Schools’ and ‘Forest Schools’ created a gap perfectly suited for Eco Explorer. Work began in early 2012 on a web-based outdoor learning platform designed for primary schools using iPad devices and Eco Explorer has been trialled, tested and developed in schools from St. Helens to Singapore.

Though much has been reported about the “positive and significant impact” tablet devices can have on learning most studies have been in the classroom. Outdoors the iPad can be used as a tool to record sounds, videos, images and data – perfect for science work. Eco Explorer is at the forefront of outdoor education – allowing children to learn in context it is flexible enough for teachers to use creatively. The class can spend the lesson outdoors and teachers can still assess everyone’s learning.

The aim of this project is to engage young children – not with computers – but with nature. The tasks contain 1000’s of high quality images of native UK species – helping to familiarise young children with the plants and animals in their local environment.

Key Features

  • Hundreds of beautiful and individually designed tasks for all New Curriculum KS1 & KS2 Life Processes and Living things (Sc2) topics.
  • Objectives and tasks created by freelance primary science consultant in liaison with current primary science subject leaders.
  • Unlimited access for teachers and pupils.
  • A simple to use assessment manager to track pupil progress.
  • Easy QR scan log-in for pupils.
  • Score tracker sets individually differentiated tasks based on pupils’ prior scores.
  • 10 permanent codes placed around the grounds.
  • Regular updates of the huge bank of tasks.


Classes using the system spend more time in the ‘outdoor classroom’

Contextual mobile learning makes Eco-Explorer a strikingly effective learning tool

Heightened engagement of pupils: keeps learning fresh!

The power of personalisation: uses tablet and mobile devices to individualise learning

Learner control – learners can take the initiative and direct their own learning activities

App interface and scan log-in for easy access to the system

Makes the most of your school grounds: by adding structure to outdoor exploration, children can discover and learn like never before

Convenience and flexibility: can be used to introduce or reinforce topics, separate groups can be set up for Science/Eco Clubs

Children can use at home to learn knowledge prior to lesson, freeing up more in-class time for investigative work

Relevance: Tasks include 100% native British species, supporting current focus on Plants and Animals in the Local Environment

Easy to use, saves teacher’s time and tracks pupil progress

Cost effective, less than £3 per pupil per year

Yearly boosters help to imbed Eco-Explorer as a valuable part of your school

Full and friendly support with help and advice along the way

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